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The Australian Investment Council views gender balance as a major priority and acknowledges its crucial leadership role in addressing the current imbalance.

We endeavour to build an inclusive and thriving industry where everyone feels confident that they can contribute and progress. This results in a broader group of talented people being attracted, engaged and committed to the industry. 

To achieve this, we established a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee comprised of industry participants in 2015 and since its inception, the Committee has been focusing its efforts on:

  Publishing tools to bring about change

Engaging and equipping recruiters with relevant information to correct perceptions and encourage increased female participation; 

Engaging with fund managers and investors to discuss our program of work to promote diversity in the industry;

Acknowledging and promoting firms with successful diversity and inclusion strategies through our Leadership in Diversity Award;

Empowering the emerging female leaders by fostering the sharing of insight, knowledge and skills through our Diversity Mentoring Program;

 Providing a platform for the women to forge transformative relationships with our events and supporting combined events with the Women in PE/VC Network; 

Encouraging senior members of the industry to champion greater diversity in their own firms, and within the networks they influence, through an industry wide Champions of Change program


Australian Investment Council members that would like to get involved with any of these initiatives, or others that would like to become an Australian Investment Council member, contact us.