Johnson Leadership Series - Episode 2

John Doumani

Until recently, John Doumani was a key name in the FMCG sphere, known for driving multinational success in large, blue chip companies. At an early age, John was VP Marketing at Johnson & Johnson in the US, where he led a team of 90. He returned to Australia to take up the role as Managing Director for J&J Pacific. He then had a series of leadership roles which all saw him grow his scale leadership experience.

He ran Meadow Lea Foods for Goodman Fielder then led the US$1 billion Asia-Pacific business of Campbell Soup before stepping up to run the US$2 billion International business of Campbell Soup. He then joined Fonterra to lead the $3 billion Australian, New Zealand and Latin American business for what is now the world’s largest dairy company.

In 2014, in an unconventional career shift, John transitioned from Fonterra and was looking for his next challenge when he came across Zip Industries. Initially commencing in a consulting role, John was invited to take the reins as CEO. The business had sold to Quadrant in 2013 and had an annual turnover of $200 million.

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